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  Put Your Face Between a Pair. 
The Vice
Lifestyle - redbull rampage
The Vice
Lifestyle - eating ice cream
The Vice
Lifestyle - on a boat
Lifestyle - in the flowers

The Vice

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We all have our vices. Gambling, drinking, smoking, not calling your mom, drinking the last La Croix in the fridge even though your roommate bought them, feeding your friends dog table scraps, walking your dog and not picking up it's poo and pretending like you don't have a bag in your pocket, drunkenly hitting on your friends girlfriend, creating nonsensical lists that claim to define a subject but do not actually do so, drunkenly hitting on your friend, not replacing the TP when there is only a scrap left, Snap chatting concerts, 

blaming your farts on children, farting in the elevator, farting on others, farting just before the doctor comes into the examination room, farting in the car with the windows locked, farting in a hot tub and telling your friends it's the jets, lighting your farts, farting, fart.

Technical Specifications

UV Protection: 100%

Light Transmission: 7%

Lens: 2.8mm Polycarbonate

Width: 5.39in (Merika) | 137mm (Metric)