The 1993
The 1993
The 1993
The 1993

The 1993


Then High-Five Yourself

THE 1993, Jonathan Taylor Thomas only wishes he had a pair of these back in the day. The lime green base with pink and purple splatter is going to drop your Matchbox 20 jaws. Are you a Vanilla Ice karaoke master? Do you make frisbee look cool? Well we can all agree on two things: Bill Clinton would have gotten away with much more if he had just worn Pit Vipers, and you need these for your next Top Gun beach volleyball scene.

Demand Respect & Authority. 

Put them on and let the world be jealous. 

Oh okay, so you need some convincing? Try this on for size poindexter:

  • Military design.
  • 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit.
  • Optimal peripheral vision.
Are we going to back up our product? Of course.
Yeah, we'll replace your Pit Vipers, but you have to do something for us. Get this:
Send us a video of you breaking your Pit Vipers, or a dramatic reenactment, and you just earned yourself another pair. One time only... go ahead and break them but you better make us laugh. 
Check out our warranty page.

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