Pit Viper X Handup Line Choice Gloves

Pit Viper X Handup Line Choice Gloves

“Fuck, I love Pit Vipers but I hate the fact that I can’t wear them on my hands.” - You, at some point.
“Holy. Shit.” - You, right now.

New Handup Line Choice Gloves. They look good, but they work good too. No performance anxiety here.
The top of the hands are a lightweight water resistant Line Choice print, with a single layer synthetic leather palm. A handy towel-like snot cloth on the thumb helps you wipe away sweat, blood, tears, and beer foam. Your favorite feature? A tacky silicone Full Turbo graphic that allows you to Demand Respect and Authority, while keeping a tight grip on the things that are most important to you; your handlebars and your beverages. Handup gets it.  


45% synthetic leather
30% polyester
25% nylon