The Midnight Night Shades by Pit Viper Sunglasses
The Midnight Night Shades by Pit Viper Sunglasses
The Midnight Night Shades by Pit Viper Sunglasses

Midnight Night Shades


This might actually be the final piece of the puzzle. The one that takes you from mere mortal to, dare we say, demi-god. Your graceful steps upon the heads of the riff raff will elevate you to the upper echelon. The 1%? No, that is not you. You are the 1.

Each pair are custom painted by the man, Chuck Mumford, himself.

The Night Shades

What will you do in the clear lenses? Here are a few ideas: Biking at night, skating at night, rollerblading at night, running at night, zombie flash mobs at night, bars at night, flexing at night, flossing at night, burning trash at night, tagging your grandmother's porch at night, creating insightful poetry at night, contemplating string theory and the ramifications of non-individualized particle relationships at night, soldering.

Important: We need your photos with The Night Shades. Post your photo to Instagram, tag @pit_viper and #nightshades and you just might make it on our website (which is obviously the biggest thing that has ever happened to you).  

Demand Respect & Authority. 

Put them on and let the world be jealous. 

Oh okay, so you need some convincing? Try this on for size poindexter:

  • Military grade.
  • 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit.
  • Optimal peripheral vision.
Are we going to back up our product? Of course.
Yeah, we'll replace your Pit Vipers, but you have to do something for us. Get this:
Send us a video of you breaking your Pit Vipers, or a dramatic reenactment, and you just earned yourself another pair. One time only... go ahead and break them but you better make us laugh. 
Check out our warranty page.

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