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  Put Your Face Between a Pair. 
The Hotshot Double Wide
Lifestyle - dog in pit vipers
The Hotshot Double Wide
Lifestyle - salt flats
The Hotshot Double Wide
Lifestyle - guy at the park
Lifestyle - dog on atv

The Hotshot Double Wide

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Then High-Five Yourself

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Our tribute to the great men and women who crush wildfires like you crush PBR on a Friday night. 

Like Nicolas Cage crushes scenes.

Like Hank Aaron crushed baseballs.

Like Elway crushed passes.

Like kittens crush the internet.

Like Kelly Kapowski crushed us as 13-year-olds.

Like Homer crushes being a dad.  

Now 12mm wider to fit your big honkin' face.

Technical Specifications

UV Protection: 100%

Light Transmission10%

Lens: 2.8mm Polycarbonate 

Width: 5.87in (Merika) | 149mm (Metric)