The Night Fall
The Night Fall
The Night Fall
The Night Fall
The Night Fall
The Night Fall
The Night Fall

The Night Fall


Then High-Five Yourself

Are you afraid of falling into the night? Are your current sunnies lame? Do your eyes constantly feel pissed off by the sun?  Then look no further than the Night Fall.  These shades will keep you cool as a midnight breeze during a hot summers day.  Well not really, but you will definitely look a lot cooler. Also, the purple mirrored lens gives you the look of crushed velvet on your face. Rip prince. 

Demand Respect & Authority. 

Put them on and let the world be jealous. 

Oh okay, so you need some convincing? Try this on for size poindexter:

  • Military design.
  • 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit.
  • Ballistic and solar protection.
  • Optimal peripheral vision.
    Are we going to back up our product? Of course.
    Yeah, we'll replace your Pit Vipers, but you have to do something for us. Get this:
    Send us a video of you breaking your Pit Vipers, or a dramatic reenactment, and you just earned yourself another pair. One time only... go ahead and break them but you better make us laugh. 
    Check out our warranty page.


    Technical Specifications

    Light Transmission      - 22%

    Lens   -  2.8mm Polycarbonate

    Width  - 127mm


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